Laser Marking machine Applications & Attentionss!

2020-12-07 14:57

General Principle

Compared with the general laser marking machine, which needs to use the lens refraction, optical path adjustment and other means to transmit the laser to the terminal, the fiber laser marking machine directly transmits the light through the optica fiber,reduces the energy consumption and maximizes the utilization of light energy.

  • Applicable Material

1. Most metal materials, such as gold, silver, copper, iron, zinc, aluminum, stainless steel, stainless acid-resistant steel, etc.

2. Hard plastics, such as PE, PP, PVC, etc., also include general engineering plastics and special engineering plastics.

  • Application

Widely bapply to electronic components, hardware tools, electrical products, daily consumer goods, sensors, auto parts, 3C electronics,handicrafts,precision

equipment,gift accessories, medical equipment, high and low voltage electrical appliances, bath industry, battery industry, IT industry,etc.


1. At present,the fiber laser marking machine on the market is generally divided into static marking and flying marking,and the power will

be different.The fiber laser marking machine is relatively powerful in many types of laser marking machines.

So it is not suitable for thin, flammable materials.

2. Keep the working environment and the surface of the machine clean and tidy.

Regularly check each optical lens to avoid dirt or dust.

When cleaning the lens, be careful not to scratch it.

3. Pay attention to the ventilation of the environment.

During the marking process, the fiber laser marking machine may generate amounts of harmful gases for different marking materials.

4. Do not touch the laser directly during operation, to avoid damage to the human body.

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