Laser Coding On Plastic Rigid Containers & Caps
Sunine Laser Printing Solution for plastic rigid containers, bottles, caps and lids
Rigid plastic packaging. commonly referred to in the industry as "rigid", are a category of plastics generally made from #2 HDPE and #5 PP rigid. The products are plastic containers with open tops and separate closures, lids, or covers. They are generally "nestable" FOOD and chemical containers and can be recycled. Some of the common forms of polyethylene are HDPE, LDPE, LLPE, MDPE, and UHMW. Some common types of rigid plastic packaging include butter tubs, yogurt cups, and containers for things like hummus and other dips and spreads. Additionally, rigid plays a powerhouse role behind the scenes at grocery stores. Large rigid containers are widely used in the bakery, deli, seafood, and pharmacy departments at grocers and retailers to deliver a wide array of foods, products, and medicine we rely on every day. Sunine laser coding system (CO2 Lasers, Fiber Lasers, and UV lasers) is available in various different wavelengths, to meet variable needs regarding permanency, visibility, fluid resistance, and the chemical composition of the plastic. Providing permanent codes, they guarantee high quality, high contrast coding on plastic substrates.
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