Laser Coding On Plastic Rigid Containers & Caps
Laser Marking on Plastic Rigid Containers, Bottles, Caps, and Lids rigid plastic packaging, known as "rigid" in the industry, is widely used in the food and beverage, pharmaceuticals, and cosmetics sectors. These plastic containers with open tops and separate closures are recyclable and commonly used for food and chemical products. Typical forms of polyethylene used for rigid plastic packaging include HDPE, LDPE, LLPE, MDPE, and UHMW. Products like butter tubs, yogurt cups, and containers for dips and spreads fall under this category. These containers require coded information such as product details, expiration dates, batch numbers, barcodes, logos, and regulatory symbols. Benefits of Using a Laser Printing Machine for Marking on Plastic: Laser coding offers superior durability compared to traditional ink-based methods. Laser markings are resistant to fading, smudging, or rubbing off during transportation or storage. Laser marking on plastic provides high-speed coding capabilities. With advanced industrial laser printers with the latest technology, you can achieve faster production rates without compromising quality. Moreover, laser coding is a non-contact process, which means it does not physically touch the container's or cap's surface. This eliminates the risk of contamination and damage with other printing techniques. Additionally, laser coding allows for greater flexibility in terms of design options. Whether it's intricate graphics or small font sizes that need to be marked onto the plastic surface, cutting-edge lasers can easily create precise and sharp codes. Lastly, Laser marking on plastic ensures compliance with industry regulations. Sunine Laser Marking Solution on Plastic Sunine's industrial laser printer system (CO2 Lasers, Fiber Lasers, and UV Lasers) is available in various wavelengths to meet variable needs regarding permanency, visibility, fluid resistance, and the chemical composition of the plastic. Providing permanent codes guarantees high-quality, high-contrast coding on plastic substrates. As a professional and advanced laser marking machine manufacturer, Sunine technology allows customers to meet all identification, traceability, personalization, and signage needs with an extensive range of standard and customized laser coding and marking systems.
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