SUNINE laser printers are class IV products which are dangerous to the eyes and skin.   Avoid eye or skin exposure to the laser radiation.

SUNINE Laser Marking Systems should be installed and operated by trained personnel only who have been instructed by the laser protection officer and are sufficiently qualified to perform the laser work. Due to the risks and hazards associated with the installation and operation of the laser, the operator must follow product warning labels and instructions to ensure laser safety.

  • Always wear safety glasses or protective goggles with side shields to reduce the risk of   damage to the eyes when operating the laser.

  • SUNINE lasers are an intense energy source and will ignite most materials under the proper conditions. Never operate the laser near the combustible or explosive materials, gases, liquids or vapors.

  • Exposure to direct or diffuse fiber laser radiation can seriously burn human or animal tissue, which may cause permanent damage. Do not place your body or any combustible object in the path of the laser beam.

  • Appropriate protection mechanisms must be used to avoid laser radiation outside the expected working area.   

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