The use of identification and traceability coding & marking is essential in the electronics industry. To brand products, mark them with part numbers & manufacturing information, and identify counterfeit product requires a coding & marking printer. However, electrical components and devices can be very difficult to mark due to small sizes, odd shapes, exotic materials, and delicate handling requirements. The range of electrical parts needing part identification, tracability, or branding logos includes wiring, small batteries, junction boxes, electrical connectors, motors, switches, wafers, flexible circuits, PC boards, integrated circuits, and more. Thanks to the possibility of printing on metals and on a wide range of plastic substrates, lasercoding technology is an excellent alternative to other technologies (micro-dots, chemical and micro-percussion) because it is digital, clean, reliable and low-cost.

Sunine laser marking technology enable you to print batch numbers, 1D and 2D codes and other information on the smallest electronic components and devices. We provide the leading solutions to this mission critical sector, with specific technologies designed for specific requirements and applications.

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