About Sunine

Founded in 2010, Sunine is a worldwide producer and supplier of laser coding and marking systems. We are committed to developing, manufacturing and providing a wide variety of high performance laser printing solutions for package coding applications to dairy, beverage, chemical, pharmaceutical, pipe industries, and cables industries throughout the world. Sunine technology allows us to meet all identification, traceability, personalization, and signage needs with an extensive range of standard and customized laser coding and marking systems. Sunine is enjoying a good customer service reputation with its large team of highly skilled, experienced, and professional technical associates. We are helping our customers bring efficiencies into their mission critical operation by reducing the downtime of production lines by 24x7 onsite/ resident customer services and adequate stock of spares.

Excellence underpins all that we do at Sunine. We are proud that our quality management is certified in accordance with ISO standard 9001: 2015. Our aim is to work as a partner with each of our customers to establish understanding of each application and how it can be best realizeo to improve your business.

Sunine has a large engineering team of highly skilled, experienced, and professional technical associates for innovation, R&D, and technical support. Sunine held a number of national active patents for the products, such as portable laser markers, autofocus galvo scanners, laser operating software, etc. From the very beginning, Sunine has been insisting on self-innovation and market analysis, ensuring our idea is really going to fulfill the market needs. With R&D capabilities, Sunine has launched and will keep launching more and more personalized, intelligent, and high-end laser coding systems.

Development History

Innvovative design
The integrated Sunine inline high-speed laser marking equipment has an optimized internal structure that effectively protects the parts and accessories inside the equipment from complex operating environments.
High Performance
Sunine laser marking system has powerful data transmission and processing capabilities.lt delivers permanent mark on product and is capable of connecting to customers' anti-counterfeiting data systems to meet the high-level anti-counterfeiting need
Smart Operation
With a high-resolution touch panel and user-friendly laser marking software, users will have the most innovative, easy-to-use laser marking interface available in the market today.
Environmental Friendly
Almost zero consumables, no toxic substances to the environment. lt gives a permanent mark on the product surface and is widely used in the food, beverage, and pharmaceutical industries.
High Stability
Long cycle life,easy operation, low running and maintenance costs, stable enough for long-run operation.
We are committed to quality with ISO-certified production facilities around the globe. ISO certifications ensure a high-quality level in processes, procedures, and practices, helping us reach continuous improvement goals in all that we do. SUNINE Laser Printers are designed, and tested. and certified to comply with certain China(CN).United States(U.S.)and European Union (EU) regulations. These regulations impose product performance requirements related to electromagnetic compatibility(EMC)and product safety characteristics for industrial equipment. If you need detailed certificates, please contact us.

+86 181 0266 1045
Building 6, No. 88, Chunfen Road, Huangpu District, Guangzhou, China


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