Dairy Coding and Marking Solutions

Help maximize planned production time

Dairy packaging materials interact quite differently with laser marking technology depending on the given material and the laser type. The selection of the optimal laser solution depends on understanding these interactions. Whether coding onto flexible film, cartons, plastic and glass containers or bottles, Sunine printers are designed to be reliable, robust and to print accurate, durable codes on a wide range of packaging materials.  This makes sure that you meet coding regulations, minimise cost and reduce waste.

Maintain uptime and control costs

Reliable operation in wet or damp dairy production environments is critical, especially on fast-moving production lines. Maintaining uptime is essential for products with a short shelf life, where time to market is restricted and cost control is paramount. Sunine laser marking system offers many advantages against other printing/coding technologies such as CIJ (Continuous Ink Jet) or TTO (Thermo Transfer). They are significantly less expensive than conventional marking devices and since neither ink nor solvents are used, marking lasers have no fumes or waste products.

Sunine coding and marking solutions enable you to meet coding regulations, reduce waste, maximise your production throughput and meet deadlines.  

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