Printing and Marking on Flexible Films and Foils
Sunine Laser coding system for flexible films and foils

SUNINE economical CO2 lasers marking system offers a 30 or 60 watt power output with wavelengths of 10.6 μm, 10.2 μm and 9.3 μm for various packaging substrates, including paper, cardboard, glass or plastics, at a very wide range of production speeds. When it comes to thin films or any types of packaging foils, 10.2µm wavelength is ideal option. Best results can be expected on painted films and foils with a thin ink layer on top. Packaging materials which absorb this wavelength very well and therefore generate the best CO2-Laser print quality are PE, HDPE, LDPE, PP, OPP, OPA, PA, PMMA, POM, PUR, ABS and PVC. Besides CO2 lasers, SUNINE UV laser system is another option for coding on packaging foils or thin films. Compared with CO2 lasers, UV laser produces barely smoke , which make it more suitable for production workshops with strict requirements on particles, especially food and pharmaceutical manufacturing.
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