Modern Wire Coding and Marking Options

The marking and coding of wire, cable and pipe increases efficiency in the manufacturing process, simplifies troubleshooting, and provides traceability. However, wire, cable and extrusion codes need to withstand the harshest production environments: hot, wet and dusty. Moreover, in this highly price sensitive industry, every little cost counts. So it's extremely important for wire, cable and pipe manufacturers to invest in reliable and robust coding systems to ensure minimal downtime, lower costs and an improved bottom line.

CO2 laser, fiber laser and UV laser wire marking technology has been developed to meet the need for safe, non-damaging, permanent identification coding of high performance wire, cable and pipe insulation materials, particularly to meet the requirements of the   industry.

All our coding and marking solutions are user-friendly for the operator. And because wire, cable and extrusion plants often make a wide variety of products, we will help you implement a system that enables fast and error-free changeovers on your production line.

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