Laser Coding On PET Bottles
Sunine Laser Coding Technology for PET plastic bottles and containers
PET plastic bottles are a popular choice for packaging soft drinks due to the numerous benefits they provide both to manufacturers and consumers. PET bottles offer a clear, non-streaky finish and are durable with a high scratch and high shatter resistance. A clear PET bottle will display your product prominently, making PET material suitable for spice jars, vitamin bottles, energy shot bottles, water bottles, etc.
Sunine offers a broad range of laser solutions for marking and printing on PET bottles
Sunine CO2 laser marking technology is ideal for Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET). But when dealing with PET bottles, there are some special issues that need to be taken into account. The mark that is produced by the standard 10.6µm lasers is quite low in contrast, which can be difficult to read. Sunine has a solution for this problem. Sunine CO2 laser coding solution with a 9.3µm wavelength perfectly matches the head absorption of plastics like PET, allows marking on plastic surfaces by smoothly melting the surface layer without creating pinholes or cracking the inner structure.
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