How to choose the correct laser type for processing

2021-12-24 11:42

If you are a "beginner" in the laser marking industry for the first time, you have rigid needs and are afraid of afraid of being cheated.

In fact, you only need to master a little basic knowledge to choose a laser marking machine, please read the below real cases from SUNINE carefully.


For those who can carefully treat the surface of the log, the high-calorie fiber laser that mainly focuses on metal materials can be excluded first, and the remaining applicable laser types are carbon dioxide laser and ultraviolet laser.

The laser in the video shows a visible light beam and a small amount of smoke during the coding process; in terms of the marking effect, the wooden stick shows an obvious brown-black effect after the laser is in contact.

When the CO2 laser beam acts on the surface of the original bamboo wood, there are clear laser heat etching marks, and the amount of smoke generated is slightly more than that of the UV laser.

From this, it can be preliminarily judged that the laser type used in this production line is a CO2 (SUNINE V series) laser printer.


In the pharmaceutical industry, high-density polyethylene, polypropylene, and polyvinyl chloride plastics are mostly used for medicinal bottles. The different proportions of elements contained in medicinal bottles also determine the effect of the laser.

The coding effect of the samples in the picture can be preliminarily screened and judged according to the following two points


The Laser Marking results

In the picture, the QR code and digital characters on the bottle are clearly identifiable, and there are no obvious concave and convex etching marks. Since the fiber laser with a wavelength of 1064nm is a high-heat and high-energy laser, it will show uneven texture on the surface of general plastics (except for special plastics and situations).

Therefore, the marking itself has a slightly obvious relief feeling, and the touch has a grainy and frosted feeling, so the fiber laser is excluded first.


Bottle coding conditions

Generally, laser coding is two-dimensional coding, that is, to adjust to the correct focal length and act on the plane, the laser coding equipment can play its due role.

However, the marking on the bottle body of the medicine bottle is a cambered circular marking. If the size of the marking content is too long or the span is large, the laser galvanometer needs to be changed to a 3D type, that is, three-dimensional laser marking.

The laser coding machine equipped with a 3D galvanometer can adjust the focal length in real time according to the height of the arc surface within a certain range.

For the remaining CO2 laser printer and UV laser printer, the UV laser marking machine which equiped with the 3D galvanometer   creates a uniform effect and at the same time have finer lines.

The result is obvious, the UV laser coding machine equipped with the 3D galvanometer system is more suitable for marking medicine bottles.

Remark: UV laser with wavelength of 355nm has the characteristics of low heat and slenderness. When it acts on the plastic surface of the medicine bottle, it will not only produce a dark effect, but also will not cause "thermal expansion and cold contraction" under high energy laser. It is suitable for medical treatment and chips. It is used for coding in ultra-fine fields such as processing, so it can also be judged in the laser marking effect according to this feature.


When encountering metal materials, the first consideration is fiber laser coding. At present, it is the only laser type that can be used in the LD series , static desktop (F series) and flying marking (D series).

Its wide range of applicable materials is also a major feature of it. It can also be applied to many materials such as lacquered laminated cardboard, opaque rigid plastic, black rubber, solar panel silicon wafer, color block packaging plastic bags and so on.

Remark: CO2 lasers can also do better than fiber lasers in some painted metals. For example,   the carbon dioxide laser can quickly mark the paint surface without touching the original metal inside on the white painted open lid on milk powder can.

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