Lighter and Easier!The LD II is launched by SUNINE

2021-12-06 13:45






You may have thought about making logos easier

After all, a workpiece weighing 180 pounds is not so easy to carry.

You may also have thought about the convenience of laser marking

After all, bulky items take up space.

Have you ever met these situations

- Time is tight and heavy tasks

- It takes half a day just to move the items

- Seriously reduces efficiency and wastes a lot of manpower and material resources

In order to solve the problem of laser marking on large metal parts which are difficult to move, SUNINE launched the first generation of LD series Handheld Fiber laser   marking machine on November 1st, 2020.



Because laser marking uses the characteristics of its own wavelength combined with energy concentration, it directly engraves and codes on the surface of the material, creating a clear and difficult-to-abrasion effect.

At the same time, according to the corrosion resistance and damage resistance of the material, the output power can be adjusted independently to engrave different marking depthsFor the marking and coding of some large fixed assets and metal parts, it has the advantage of one-time marking and long-term effectiveness.In view of the situation that only the correct focal length can work, the LD series handheld laser marking machine innovatively adopts the fixed focus cover design at the position of the marking head.

When marking, users only need to place the marking head directly on the surface of the object to perform one key marking without additional adjustment of the focal distance, saving time and improving efficiency.


SUNINE LD series handhelds are small in size and light in weight. According to the actual needs of users, they are divided into two versions: plug-in and battery. They are suitable for both indoor fixed office and outdoor work.

Compared with the large amount of consumables and high maintenance costs in other forms of coding, the charm of LD series handhelds that can be used without consumables and power on is favored by more users.

As a brand-new product independently developed, the first-generation   handheld laser marking machine has been continuously optimized and improved on the road of research and development, actively listening to user needs, and striving to give users a better experience in actual operation and movement.

The second generation of LD series handheld laser marking machine came into being under the combination of user suggestions and the efforts of SUNINE R&D team.

Lighter in Weight

For the first time in the industry, the whole machine adopts a full engineering-grade plastic shell, and the weight is reduced by 2.2~3k.


Humanization Design

It adopts the fixed mode of side screen and four-corner bracket, which is more suitable for the user's visual operating range angle, and can also effectively avoid the screen breakage caused by high-altitude objects.


Higher Quality

The LDII has optimized software and hardware, such as: adding emergency stop function to further ensure the user's operational safety; supporting wireless transmission or wired network port transmission, more efficient processing of batch data; full engineering-grade plastic shell, reducing weight At the same time, the machine parts are effectively protected; the marking content is more diversified, etc.

Easy to move

With the introduction of a portable backpack, it is more convenient for you to move and work outdoors, free your hands, and get more space to play.


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