The Charming of laser marking in PIPE Application

2021-12-02 15:17

Pipes play an extremely important role in production and life,they are divided into various materials. Take plastic pipes for example, they are light or weight, corrosion resistance,high strength, easy installation.

They are either buried deep underground or installed in the open air, wind and rain, erosion of soil microorganisms.

Therefore, the requirements for the pipe identification effect are relatively high. If the pipe network does not have a definet and clear corrosion-resistant identification, the maintenance cost will be greatly increased.

Laser Marking gathers its own energy on the surface of the pipe with high density, vaporizes the surface material   in short time,   accurately marks the delicate content.   It is a clean, un-consumables, environmentable processing technology.

Therefore, laser marking also has many unique advantages in the pipe application.

High Efficiency and Low Consumption

The laser can create different detailed effects according to the tube material,   no need to use different coding colors for the different tube colors.

The machine runs stably and works without pressure for a long time. It can be used when it is powered on, saving man power and material resources.

In actual production, a high-quality laser coding machine can complete a variety of complex content marking in a short time, and with high-precision two-dimensional magnetic levitation galvanometer scanner, ensure that lines are not distorted within a certain range, prevent different effects. .

Logo Stability

The laser marking stability on pipe mostly depends on the material itself. If the pipe material is corrosion-resistant and stable, the laser marking machine can mark out the corrosion-resistant wholelife effect.

Flexible Output

Whether it is surface coding or deep marking, the laser beam output efficiency can be adjusted according to user's needs, therefore   the laser marking can adapt to different natural environments.

Sunine Intelligence can also provide professional laser marking solutions, such as SUNINE UV1010C ultraviolet laser flight mode marking, with self-developed special visual positioning recognition & 3D ARC marking functions.

It can not only be applied for pipes, but also can be widely applied in the bottle packaging of pharmaceuticals, daily chemicals, to reject and detect defective products, positioning products, and helpe to build a complete set of tracking systems before and after production.

High-quality laser marking indentifications can be used anywhere,even they are buried deep in the ground.


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