Laser marking machines make the beverage industry non-counterfeit!

2021-10-29 14:40

Now, how to prevent tampering of wine bottle labels has become an important issue in the wine industry, and laser marking has become the first choice for more and more brewers.



Sunine D5000C series fiber laser machine marking effect on beer can can still keep clear in various environments,such as high and low temperature, long-distance transportation and handling friction.

In addition, the laser marking stability is also reflected in abrasion resistant. Criminals can only counterfeit or tamper by violent polishing, destroying product integrity, etc., which greatly increases the difficulty and cost of counterfeiting, preventing the harm of the fake and shoddy industry chain to the beer industry.



D5000C is mainly marking on metal materials,but the 1064nm laser wavelength can not damage the paper material,   also can easily mark on the lacquer coated label paper of the beer bottle.

Moreover, the laser digital code on the label paper can still maintain its clear effect after being soaked in water droplets generated by the alternating of cold and heat, truly compatible and changeable.

And, Sunine V310C series CO2 laser marking machine can also mark on lacquered metal beer bottle caps, protecting the artistic integrity and beauty of the cap design, giving the product a traceable and clear identification.

The compatibility is also reflected in the drop acceptance of flat and curved surface marking. Taking the canned beer as an example, the ±3mm height drop acceptance value makes D5000C more easily cope with the concave surface of the bottom of the beer can and the curved coding on the side of the bottle.



Sunine D5000C and V310C autonomous controllability of the output power and scribing speed makes them easy to cope with various production lines. The marking speed up to 18,000 mm/s has greatly improved the production line marking efficiency, and the output of 36,000 bottles of beer per hour is enough to show the advantages of Sunine series marking machines.



No consumables is a highlight of laser marking, only needs to be powered on to play its superior performance, not only can work stably for a long time without pressure, but also can adapt to various harsh working environments.

Sunine Intelligence can also rely on more than 10 years of industry experience to lead a professional team to customize laser marking solutions for users.



Novel design and flexible installation.

In the actual application of beer assembly lines, there are situations such as product large batches, joint intersection of multiple production lines,different positions.   Sunine V310C adopts the application of adjustable height brackets for marking bottle caps;

Laser rotary head special customized accessories also play an important role in the marking of the label paper on the side of the bottle body by Sunine D5000C.

Sunine Fiber/CO2 series laser marking machines are not only important in the beer production lines, but also important in the packaging and processing industries,such as the bottled water, liquor, paper packaging boxes, plastic packaging bags,etc.


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