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2021-08-20 09:45

日化行业 Daily Chemical industry


Sunine laser marking is widely used in a variety of daily chemical   production lines, including bottle packaging,   glass packaging, carton packaging, etc.,   from primary packaging to external packaging, and to batch packaging. The identification requirements range from simple dates, expiration dates, and batch numbers to recognizable barcodes and QR codes, can meet traceable identification requirements.

食品行业 Food Industry


It has become an inevitable trendency for laser marking machines to replace inkjet printers in the food industry.   The characteristics of laser marking machines are: clean and no-pollution,no need daily maintenance,no consumables, firm marking,easy operation, etc., which can well solve the problems encountered by enterprises in these two industries.

饮料食用油行业 Bevereage & Oil Industry


As a new type of marking equipment, laser marking machines have gradually shown more and more excellent performance and quality in China,occupying an important position in the marking industry. Many manufacturers who use "inkjet printers" have changed   their indentificate strategy, choose laser printers, increase the use of laser machines gradually .

管材行业 Pipe Industry


Sunine laser marking technology has been widely used in pipe industry, such as drainage pipeline grooves,

aluminum pipes,composite pipes, rubber soft pipes, etc.   The marking is accurate, clear and easy to read, and the meter counting function is optional to meet the needs of the pipe industry, can meet all requirements for identification in pipe industry.

电线电缆行业 Wire & Cable industry

喷码技术在电线电缆行业应用的非常广泛,适合在各种规格和尺寸的线缆制品上喷印厂名,徽标编号等信息,喷码技术不仅可以满足一般的标识要求,同时稳定的运行质量和高清晰度的喷码 符合电线电缆制品清晰耐久、易分辨的标识要求。

The marking technology is widely used in wire & cable industry. It is suitable for printing factory name, logo number and other

information on various specifications and sizes cables. Our marking technology can not only meet the general marking requirements,   but also the stable operation quality and the high-definition marking meet the indentification requirements for clear,durable and easy-to-distinguish.

电子行业 Electronics Industry


Laser processing technology is a non-contact processing method, so it does not produce mechanical extrusion or mechanical stress,   especially suitable for the electronics industry processing requirements. Due to the high efficiency, no-pollution, high precision and small heat affected zone of laser processing technology, it is widely used in the electronics industry.

五金塑料行业 Hardware & Plastic Industry


The laser marking machine can mark various characters, serial numbers, product numbers, dates and patterns on hardware products, which are not only clear and fine, but also cannot be erased or modified, which is very beneficial for product quality and channel tracking. It can effectively prevent the sale of expired products,anti-counterfeiting and prevent cross-selling.

医药行业 Pharmaceutical Industry


Sunine flying laser marking machine adopts high-end laser source and high-end high-speed galvanometer scanner,is equipped with original galvanometer,power supply and driver, has high-precision anti-interference electrical system, can fully meet the

requirements of various indicators in the pharmaceutical industry,and it is non-toxic, no-pollution, environmental.

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