Laser Marking on Copper

2021-05-20 16:02

Copper, the one of the metals that was used by humans thousands of years ago.

Since ancient, copper has been an important medium for the human civilization development.

Copper is also widely used in modern industrial society, including precision instruments, ship parts, faucets, pipes, plates, copper locks, etc.

Since it generally exists in people's daily life,so it is naturally necessary for the existence of laser marking.

How does a D series fiber laser desktop marking machine rejuvenate the metal materials with a long history of application?

The crystallization of modern laser advanced technology, what kind of "spark" will the friction of the two produce?

The D series desktop machine adopts a red light two-dimensional scanning system, cooperates with a highly integrated industrial computer to make high-precision and stable marking on copper materials.

The marking effect is not only clear and recognizable, but also difficult to be abrasive and versatile. Whether it is in industrial production marking or gift customization, it has outstanding performance and advantages.

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