SUNINE V Series machines !

2021-01-19 16:54
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Marking speeds up to 18,000mm/s

entered hundreds of companies.

Adaptability to hundreds of materials

demonstrate core strength in users.

At the same time,

facing all kinds of bad working environment

stable and powerful performance

rich and diverse file format support,

make it unique in brand building.

  What exactly

make it stand out ?


Core components

Gas laser, as the core of CO2 laser marking machine, is a machine that uses gas as medium to generate laser light. The gas mentioned here is pure gas or mixed gas; it can be either molecular gas or atomic gas, most of which are pumped by high voltage discharge to generate laser.

Compared with some liquids and solids, CO2 has good optical uniformity, so its output beam has better directivity, monochromaticity and frequency stability. Because its output energy density is smaller than general solid lasers, this is the one reason why it can easily handle all kinds of thin and light materials.


Infrared light band

Infrared (Infrared, IR) is an electromagnetic wave with a frequency between microwaves and visible light, wavelength between 760nm and 1mm.It is an invisible light with a lower frequency than red light. This means that with the cooperation of gas laser, the CO2 laser marking machine can not only have the basic energy to "break" the surface structure of the material, but also have the important ability to protect the thin and light material.


Lase Wavelength

The laser wavelength for CO2 Marking machine are 10.6μm, 10.2μm and 9.3μm. The laser wavelength is the output wavelength of the laser, is the important parameter of the laser source output laser beam. Its wavelength also corresponds to different marking materials, to present a high-quality effect within the controllable range of the laser.

This is the V series!

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