Sunine Traceability System

2020-12-22 13:35



As a consumer

we always subconsciously look at the production date on the product

this is the most basic and most wanted information

then we will pay attention to the expiry date, ingredients, origin and other information.

The traceability system is to give these information in the QR code

enable consumers to get all the information they need in a small pattern.

This is the most common function and application of the traceability system.


Not only for this

Traceability systems are equally important for merchant.

For example

suppose a certain part is produced in a certain factory,

serious defects and need to require immediate recall

then we need to know this batch of parts

even specific to each,and where did it all go

When a customer provides you with a product name or product batch number,

you just be able to tell your customers what product is this,

an accurate product part relationship

base on this information.


Simple Demonstration


Not difficult to see

just the simplest scan

it also contains a lot of information that we want to know

Now we demonstrate the information we can see

is the simplest

we can even learn more about this item

for example, know its source, place of origin, company, etc.


Big Trendency

Sunine traceability system not only protects the consumers' right,but also is a powerful tool for manufacturers to improve their reputation and customer trust.

The "one item, one code" trendency, which is now being advocated and popularized, requires each product to have its own "identity card".

Therefore,Sunine traceability system strives to make the products source traceable,destination traceable and responsibility traceable.



Independent research and development

Relying on its own strong R&D team and experienced highly educated technicians

Full traceability

Products can achieve raw material traceability, production process traceability and after-sales traceability

Intelligent management and control

Electronic automatic intelligent production management, high efficiency, low consumption

Quality control

IQC, IPQC, OQC, SPC Comprehensive control


Only for you!

The traceability system independently developed by Sunine

is the most technologically system used in the identification industry in domestic.

It able to meet the specific needs of customers

give the product code the function it should have

can add production information

also can add advertising

Cooperate with Sunine series laser coding machine

fast printing

clear and permanent effect

It is really the best choice for production and promotion


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