Sunine Visual Inspection System

2020-12-01 16:28

Visual inspection system

adopts industrial cameras to replace human eyes,

    to complete identification, measurement, positioning functions.

    It is generally composed of a camera, lenses, and light sources.

    convert the detected object into an image signal,

   then send to the imaging system

    according to pixel distribution and brightness, color information

    convert them to digitized signal.

    The image system performs various operations on these signals

    and extracts the features of the target

Powerful Performance

Sunine self-developed visual inspection system,

   using a CCD camera, equipped with Intel's sixth-generation CORE CPU,

  provides expansion slot configuration with powerful performance,

   to meet the expansion of common image acquisition interfaces in machine vision,

   Stable performance Integrated 2-way constant voltage light source interface

   control the light source switch and brightness,

    trigger and support 8-channel GPIO input and output function,

   use Intel Gigabit Ethernet port

    support high-speed and stable image transmission.

    Extended high-performance POE network card,

    built-in dual USB3.0 encryption slots,

    easy deployment and maintenance on site


Using target features such as area, quantity, location, length,

according to the preset tolerance and other conditions, to output the results,

    including size, angle, number, pass/fail, yes/no, etc.

    Realize automatic identification function

    replace manual inspection of barcode characters, cracks, packaging,

    detect whether the surface   is complete or concave.

Main Configuration



Imported high-pixel CCD camera - charge coupled element, which is equivalent to the film of an analog camera.   SUNINE visual inspection system can   realize various inspections of products by using CCDs composed of thousands or millions of sensors on the production line.

High-quality imported lens - high resolution, low distortion value, high precision, can detect the damage or deviation in a very small range,and ensure the

marking effect.

Color filter processor - Unlike black and white cameras that use brightness as the processing standard, color cameras use hue data for visual judgment,

avoiding the problem of uneven marking effects caused by uneven brightness of item labels.



Image processing system - can detect objects on food packaging, dirty on cloth, flaws on metal or resin parts, defects in rubber molding, etc.

Image Sensing Processing—Using the dimension inspection of edge inspection, the image sense processing system can express the inspected object on a plane, and measure the position, width, angle through edge detection.

Position measurement system -SUNINE vision system uses the graphic search mode to find one or more parts in the image that are similar to the standard image,

and output its position, angle and correlation (consistency) results.

Position Correction System——In the internal processing, use the difference between the reference image of the correction source window and the current image as the correction value, change the coordinate axis of the correction object window, so that the SUNINE visual inspection system can accurately and correctly detect the moving objects on the production line.

Pre-processing system - before defect detection/dimension measurement formal processing setting, the image is processed to improve the success rate of stable detection.

Main Parameters

▶ Product inspection status: online inspection

▶ Laser marking equipment: selection according to customer's actual product

▶ Detection system signal: The detection system communicates with the PLC through I/O. After the system takes pictures and images, it performs image processing and analysis, and transmits the rejection signal of unqualified products to the PLC, and the PLC will make the rejection action.

▶ Picture format: frame photo

▶ Product inspection speed: 40~1500 pieces/min (depending on the complexity of product graphics)

▶ Testing product types: food packaging, daily chemicals, pharmaceutical industry, automotive industry, electronic components,etc.

▶ Inspection products: allow the best online runout 0~10mm

▶ Visual processing response speed: ≤ 60ms

▶ Detection content: character detection, positioning detection, QR code, barcode, stain detection, etc.

▶ Product false detection rate: ≤ 0.3% (only falsely detected as unqualified products; and with its own learning function, the false detection rate will gradually decrease)

▶ System performance: can adapt to lack of light,or lighting and focal length changing environment

▶ Power supply of the machine: 220V 50HZ Maximum total power: 2kw; compressed air: 0.4-0.6 Mpa

▶ Loading and unloading conveyor belt: customized according to the size of the product, it has its own mechanism to remove unqualified products when blanking, and the blanking and receiving structure is customized according to customer needs.

Our Advantages

▶ It can effectively improve the detection speed and accuracy of the production line, greatly improve the output and quality, reduce labor costs.

▶ Work stably for a long time without pressure to prevent misjudgment caused by eye fatigue

▶ User-friendly dialogue interface, easy installation, user-friendly operation interface

▶ High efficiency and low consumption, the fastest product detection speed is up to 1500 pieces/min

▶ The R&D team is strong, and the technicians are highly educated and experienced, can solve your problems professionally in the first time.

▶ Excellent material, can adapt to various harsh production environments.

▶ Independent research and development to ensure quality, can increase or decrease functions according to the actual needs of customers.

▶ Cooperate with industrial big data analysis software, strive to reduce and eliminate defect rate and improve product quality.

▶ Non-contact measurement, high safety, will not cause any damage to the observed and the observer.

▶ 100% after-sales service, if there is any problem, if it cannot be solved on phone, a person will come to solve your problems within 24 hours.

Application Industries and Fields

SUNINE visual inspection system has been successfully applied to

Automotive, Pharmaceutical, Electronics & Electrical

manufacturing, packaging, food, beverage, medical and other industries

Be applied to check the machining accuracy of the car dashboard

Rapid positioning of electronic components on high-speed placement machines

Checking the number of pins

Recognition of printed characters on IC surface

Capsule wall thickness and appearance defect inspection in capsule production

Inspection of the number of balls and damage during bearing production

Identification of production date on food packaging

Inspection of label placement position, etc.


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