Sunine LD20iIIIseries hand held fiber laser marking machine

2024-05-09 10:43

"Minimalism" and "richness" collide, how Sunine third-generation handheld machine leads the new formula of laser marking

Laser coding has always been associated with keywords such as advanced, intelligent production, and one code for one object. The emergence of portable handheld laser marking machines has broken the previous concept of large size and heavy weight of industrialized laser coding equipment.

From the first-generation metal chassis to the second-generation engineering-grade plastic casing, not only the weight is reduced, but also a pull-out battery design that is more convenient to replace is added, and many optimizations and improvements are made in

software details.

Then, based on the independent research and development and design of the original equipment, a new third-generation portable handheld laser marking all-in-one machine was developed again.

Get rid of the previous design of chassis + bellows + laser marking head, optimize, upgrade and integrate various main

components to create a "minimalist" laser equipment in a return to nature way.

The whole machine weighs only 3.9kg, which is lighter and can be easily moved by one person.

The volume is only half the size of a computer host and comes with a portable suitcase, making travel more convenient.

"Cut" weight without "cutting" quality. The brand-new software design is in line with the daily operating habits of Chinese people. It is simple and easy to use, retains rich

content, and supports the fast processing of various languages, digital serial numbers, one-dimensional codes,

two-dimensional codes, trademarks, LOGOs and other content. add mosaic.

Minimalism and richness, two seemingly contradictory words, are never opposites. Sunine LD Ⅲ series handheld mobile

phones are small and exquisite, and they are even more exquisite.

Portable handlaser白底.jpgcheapprice12_04.jpgLD20iIII12_01.jpgportable12_02.jpgSuninelaser.jpg

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