SUNINE LASER's Fiber Laser Marking Technology

2024-05-08 15:27

Welcome to the future of marking technology with SUNINE LASER's cutting-edge innovation, the Sunine D series fiber laser marking machine. As we immerse ourselves in the realm of fiber laser marking.


Fiber Laser Systems meet coding needs with widely applications


Exploring the Versatility of Sunine D Series Fiber Laser Marking Machine

Step into a world where coding on various metals like aluminum, stainless steel, brass, copper, as well as non-metals such as nylon, ABS, PVC, PIPE, and more becomes effortless and precise. The Sunine D series fiber laser marking machine offers highly legible, permanent codes that stand the test of time, all while operating at ultra-fast speeds suitable for production-line environments. With a wavelength of 1064m and impeccable beam quality, this advanced technology ensures precise ultra-fine processing and swift marking, delivering exceptional stability and quality every time.

Precision Redefined: The Features of Sunine D Series Fiber Laser Printer

At the core of the D series fiber laser printer lies a set of remarkable features designed to enhance your marking experience. With a small focus spot and fast processing speed, this device enables you to achieve intricate details and high-speed marking with ease. Furthermore, the minimal heat-affected area on your material ensures that the integrity of your products remains intact throughout the marking process. Easy to install and operate, the Sunine D series provides a seamless marking solution that guarantees precision and efficiency in every application.

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