About Sunine manufacture and sunine's technology

2024-04-25 16:31

Founded in 2010, SUNINE LASER is a global manufacturer and supplier of laser printers and laser printing equipment. Headquartered in Guangzhou, we have four branches in Chengdu, Shanghai, Tianjin and Jinan. We focus on innovative R&D and manufacturing of a wide

range of high performance laser printing solutions for packaging coding and laser printing. We offer a wide range of high performance

laser printing solutions to packaging coding and laser labelling applications in the dairy, beverage, chemical, pharmaceutical, pipe and

cable industries worldwide.



Firstly, we provide personalised laser coding solutions. Laser marking systems can print high-quality markings on a variety of materials. Different combinations of specific print heads and selected lenses will produce different marking effects on a given material. As a professional and advanced laser marker manufacturer, our technology provides standard and

customised laser coding and marking systems for all customer identification, traceability, personalisation and marking needs.

Secondly, we enjoy a reputation for excellent customer service with a team of highly skilled and experienced technical professionals. We

our customers improve mission-critical operational efficiency by reducing production line downtime through our 7×24 on-site/residential customer service and ample spare parts inventory.

Thirdly, we do our best in quality management. Excellence is the foundation of everything we do. Our goal is to build a partnership with

each of our customers, understanding each of their applications and how they can be applied to best improve your business.

Sunine Laser's Laser Marking Machine

We provide CO2 laser coders, Fiber Laser Marking Machines, and UV Laser Marking Machines. CO2 laser coders are commonly used in high-speed marking production lines. Our CO2 laser marking machines utilize advanced imported laser and are equipped with super high-speed galvanometer scanners, ensuring good stability and reliable performance. The Fiber series laser marking machine can be easily installed in a limited space due to its compact and exquisite structure design. The product is mainly applied to high-speed and content-intense materials. The UV series laser marking machine can be easily installed in a limited space because of exquisite design. The

product is mainly used high molecular polyethylene materials, which is widely applied to daily chemical, beverage, for pipe and other industries.


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Building 6, No. 88, Chunfen Road, Huangpu District, Guangzhou, China


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