Sunine laser printer for plastic

2024-04-09 10:24

SUNINE LASER, a leading provider of   laser printing machine for plastic, offers a range of coding solutions that cater to diverse plastic types and

industryspecific needs. In today's fastpaced and highly regulated business environment, product identification and traceability are critical components of any successful plastic packaging operation. Our coding solutions address all these concerns and more.

Catering to Diverse Plastic Types for Exceptional Coding Results

Plastic rigid containers come in various types, including HDPE and PP, and are used in the food, cosmetic, pharmaceutical, and other industries. Sunine Laser understands the importance of coding for identification, inventory management, and anti-counterfeiting purposes. Sunine Laser's coding solutions work with all types of plastic substrates, ensuring that the information is easily visible, permanent, and high-quality.

Advanced Laser Technologies for Permanent and High-Quality Codes

Sunine Laser's comprehensive range of CO2 lasers, fiber lasers, and UV lasers incorporates cutting edge technologies to deliver permanent and high-quality codes. These systems offer flexibility in wavelength selection, enabling tailored solutions based on specific coding

requirements. This ensures that codes on plastic substrates exhibit high contrast, resistance to fluids, and exceptional

durability. Sunine Laser's coding solutions are purposefully crafted to address the challenges of the most demanding production environments, guaranteeing consistent and reliable results with every use. Whether it's the need for permanent marking, high contrast codes, or resilience against environmental factors, our diverse laser options provide advanced solutions to

meet a wide array of industrial coding needs.

Meeting Industry-Specific Needs for Reliable Product Information

Sunine Laser understands that different industries have unique requirements for reliable product information. Our versatile coding system is designed to cater to these specific needs. For instance, the bakery industry demands codes that can withstand high temperatures and moisture, ensuring legibility throughout the production process. On the other hand, the seafood industry requires codes that are resistant to harsh environments, such as cold storage or wet conditions. Sunine Laser's coding solutions offer expanded product information and enhanced traceability, helping businesses in various industries meet industry regulations and standards effectively. Whether it's heat resistance, moisture resistance, or durability in challenging environments, we provide reliable coding solutions tailored to specific industry requirements.


laser marking machine for the plastic sample:

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