Sunine LD20i portable handheld fiber laser marking machine

2024-04-07 11:07

Innovative Operating System and Safety Features

SUNINE LASERwe have developed our own specialized operating system for our handheld fiber laser machines, ensuring a user-friendly experience while incorporating advanced safety features. The addition of an emergency stop function further enhances user

safety during operation. Whether utilizing wireless or wired network port transmission, our machines are designed for efficient processing of batch data. The full engineering-grade plastic casing not only reduces weight but also offers effective protection for the machine parts, making it durable and reliable for

various industrial applications.

High-Speed Galvanometer Scanner Technology

Our handheld fiber laser machines are equipped with a built-in high-speed galvanometer scanner that delivers fast speed and precise positioning for accurate marking. With a long lifetime and

maintenance-free operation, this advanced technology provides reliability and efficiency for every marking task. SUNINE LASER's handheld laser

marking machine is recognized as the most comprehensive handheld fiber laser marking and engraving system in the industry. The

standard configuration allows for customization to suit diverse production needs, making it a versatile tool capable of meeting a wide

range of marking requirements.

Portable handheld unique design LD20i fiber laser marking machine



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