Sunine solution on the packaging industry

2024-03-30 14:10

SUNINE LASER provides cutting-edge laser marking solutions specifically designed for plastic rigid containers and caps. Our advanced CO2, Fiber, and U lasers offer customizable wavelengths to ensure precise and durable coding on plastic substrates. With laser marking on plastic, businesses can achieve product traceability, enhance branding, and display important information effectively. Our solutions meet regulatory requirements, industry standards, and offer exceptional resistance to environmental conditions.

Sunine Laser's Laser Coding System for Plastic Packaging

SUNINE LASER offers a range of advanced laser coding systems, including CO2 lasers, Fiber lasers, and U lasers. These systems are

highly versatile and can be customized to emit various wavelengths, ensuring optimal coding results.

Our CO2 lasers are ideal for clear and light-colored plastics, while our Fiber and U lasers are perfect for

dark-colored or opaque plastics. With customizable wavelengths, we can achieve

high-quality, permanent codes on plastic substrates, ensuring excellent readability and durability.

Benefits and Applications of Laser Coding on Plastic

Laser coding on plastic packaging offers numerous benefits for businesses. Firstly, it enables product traceability, allowing manufacturers to track their products throughout the supply chain. This is particularly important for industries where safety and compliance are critical, such as the food and pharmaceutical sectors.


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