UV Laser Marking Machine: Features and Applications in the Cosmetic Industry

2024-01-23 14:36

UV Laser Marking Machine: Features and Applications in the Cosmetic Industry

UV laser printers are indispensable in modern manufacturing and industrial processes because they produce high-resolution, permanent markings on various substrates, from polymers and glass to metals, for enhanced traceability and aesthetics. While leveraging a short wavelength, these laser marking machines facilitate precise micro-machining and ablation to create intricate patterns and details for industries like the cosmetic industry, microelectronics, and food packaging, where safety and precision are key.


Three Key Features of the UV Laser Marking Machine

Since these lasers have a reduced wavelength between 150 and 400 nm, UV marking machines facilitate non-contact, zero-consumables, high-precision marking while exploiting the cold processing methods where photon energy is absorbed.

1. Non-Contact Marking

UV laser marking, also called cold beam marking, utilizes ultraviolet light to break the molecular bonds on the surface material, resulting in non-contact marking on a certain area. This prevents overheating and eliminates the creation of a thermal effect zone (HAZ), which would negatively impact the precision of the marking process.

2. Zero Consumables or Waste

UV laser marking is eco-friendly as it produces no harmful emissions or waste, aligns with the industry's sustainability goals, eliminates waste procedure costs, and does not require inks or chemicals.

3. High Precision

UV laser marking machines allow for precise and intricate designs on various surfaces of products, ensuring utmost accuracy in branding and marking.

Applications of Laser Marking Machines in the Cosmetic Industry

UV laser marking machines are essential for precise product branding and eco-friendly packaging markings in the cosmetic industry.

1. Glass Marking for Cosmetic Packaging

Laser marking machines are crucial for etching detailed information on glass cosmetic packaging in the cosmetic industry. The technology leverages the

highprecision capability of noncontact laser beams to engrave production dates, license numbers, barcodes, and other traceable identifiers. It ensures product traceability and authenticity. Moreover, glass marking contributes to supply chain efficiency and consumer safety while allowing all-in-one tracking and verification of products.

2. Logo and Branding Marking on Glass Containers

Laser marking machines are also influential in embedding logos and branding elements on glass containers with high accuracy and consistency. The precision of UV laser marking guarantees that even intricate designs and fine text are clearly and indelibly marked. As a result, it enhances brand recognition.

Luxury cosmetic brands often employ this technology to imprint their intricate logos directly on perfume bottles or makeup containers; one way to differentiate between genuine and fake items is by observing the precision and clarity of the laser marking.

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Laser Printer for Labels: Advantages of Using SUNINE's UV1010C

UV laser marking machines have various applications in the cosmetic industry due to the following advantages. SUNINE is a global manufacturer and distributor of laser coding and marking machines.

In this section, we will introduce SUNINE's UV1010C laser coder and its supreme advantages.

  • High Precision on the Glass Surface

The SUNINE UV1010C laser marking machine uses radical laser technology for micron-level accuracy on gold, silver, and glass substrates, essential for intricate designs and high-quality manufacturing.

  • High-Speed Production without Damage

With a swift marking speed of up to 12000mm/s, the UV1010C reduces production time while upholding the integrity of delicate materials like thin glass and polymers. The non-contact nature of the laser marking machine ensures that even the most fragile substrates are processed without physical damage to preserve high yield rates.

  • Highly User-Friendly Operation

The machine incorporates a touch panel and self-development software features, simplifying operators' setup and learning process. Real-time monitoring and diagnostic tools are embedded to expedite immediate troubleshooting and abate interruption, streamlining the inclusive, active


  • High Constant

The UV1010C laser coder exhibits stable performance and consistent output power over extended periods. Hence, it confirms uniform markings and alleviates variations in production quality. This characteristic is vital in high-volume manufacturing settings where constant operation is imperative for meeting production quotas and sustaining quality standards.

  • High Integration with the Production Line

The SUNINE UV1010C is caused by smooth integration with existing production lines to support various communication protocols and diverse industrial environments, like the cosmetic industry, hardware, and electronic components. This adaptability certifies that the laser marking machine can be resourcefully synchronized with other equipment for elevated production processes and efficiency.

SUNINE is a global manufacturer and supplier of laser coding and marking machines. We aim to create, produce, and provide various industries worldwide with a wide range of   high performance laser printing solutions for package coding applications. We serve several industries, such as dairy, beverage, chemical, pharmaceuticals, pipes, and cables.

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