Explore the Applications of CO2 Laser Marking Machines across Industries

2024-01-22 17:14

Explore the Applications of CO2 Laser Marking Machines across Industries

CO2 laser marking technology employs a carbon dioxide laser. It is celebrated for its precision and speed in etching detailed designs on non-metallic surfaces. Significantly, the CO2 laser marking machine is central in industries like electronics and pharmaceuticals. It guarantees durable, high-resolution marking for traceability, quality control, and non-contact, contamination-free labeling of sensitive products. Moreover, the fact that it can create high-contrast, permanent marks in the packaging sector increases brand visibility and anti-counterfeiting measures.

Understanding CO2 Laser Marking

          CO2 laser marking machine operates at wavelengths of 9.3 μm, 10.2 μm, and 10.6 μm. Each handles different substrates and applications.

  • The 10.6μm wavelength excels in printing on thin paper, cardboard, and glass using CO2 lasers for diverse packaging applications.

CO2_Glass bottles (7).jpg

  • The 10.2μm wavelength is ideal for marking thin films and foils, with excellent results on painted surfaces. It's effective on PE, HDPE, LDPE, PP, OPP, OPA, PA, PMMA, POM, PUR, ABS, and PVC.


  • At 9.3μm wavelength, perfect for plastics like PET, it enables smooth surface melting without compromising structural integrity, making it an ideal solution for beverage industry applications.

CO PET bottle (1).JPGCO2_pet bottles (3).jpgCO2_pet bottles (1).pngCO2_pet bottles (2).jpg

Features and Advantages of CO2 Laser Marking Machines

Key features of CO2 laser marking machines include their high-speed marking capabilities and precision. Essentially, they offer non-contact processing. It gives negligible damage to the target material for delicate or intricate designs. Furthermore, CO2 laser markers have long working life and low upkeep requirements, which stems from their sealed-off laser source design. It renders them cost-effective for industrial applications, from packaging to electronics.

Applications of CO2 Laser Marking Machine

Here, let's discuss the applications of CO2 laser markers across numerous industries.

Food Industry

In the food industry, CO2 laser marking machines are vital for non-contact, high-speed labeling of packaging and products. Specifically, they etch expiration dates and batch numbers on paper, glass, and plastics. For example, these machines mark barcodes on PET bottles for clarity and durability, even under refrigeration. It is indispensable for tracking and quality control.

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  • Beverage Sector

Similarly, CO2 laser marking machines are obligatory for their precision and permanence in the beverage sector. They are effective for coding on curved surfaces, including cans and bottles, without negotiating the container's integrity. An example is precisely etching QR codes on glass bottles for efficient inventory management and consumer engagement through scannable content.

CO2_carton (4).jpg20211192021102920211029

  • Pharmaceutical Industry

In the pharmaceutical industry, CO2 laser marking devices ensure adherence to regulatory requirements by providing detailed markings for traceability. This includes serial numbers and dosage information on both the primary and secondary packaging, meeting high-resolution standards.

lasermarkingmachine on medicine.jpgCO2_BOXES (11)_看图王.jpgCO2_BOXES (12).jpg

  • Chemicals for Daily Use

For daily use of chemicals, CO2 laser marking machines provide a non-toxic, eco-friendly solution for labeling containers. They mark several plastics so important information like composition, usage instructions, and safety warnings remain legible and resistant to chemicals and abrasion. An example is the clear marking of batch codes on detergent bottles for traceability and quality control.

20231128UV_sample_glass (2).JPG7

  • Pipe Manufacturing

CO2 laser marking machines mark specifications like diameter, pressure ratings, and manufacturer details in pipe manufacturing. It safeguards compliance with industry standards and aids in easy identification during installation and maintenance.

CO2laser_pipe.jpgCO2laser-cable1.jpgcable 1.jpg

  • Tobacco Industry

Within the tobacco sector, CO2 laser marking devices are employed to swiftly and accurately mark both packaging and individual products. These machines provide an effective means of applying health advisories, brand insignias, and traceability codes onto cigarette packs and cigars. An example includes marking batch numbers on cigarette cartons permanently for inventory control and regulatory compliance.

Innovative Solutions: SUNINE V Series CO2 Laser Printers

1. SUNINE V300C/V302C/V303C 30W CO2 Laser Marking Machine

This 30W CO2 laser marking machine from SUNINE marks rubber, wood, paper, glass, and ceramics. It can deliver precise results on fast-moving products thanks to its features. The machine has a sealed metal RF CO2 laser source and operates on a Linux system. Its compact size and design render it easy to install in narrow spaces. Notably, it requires low upkeep while disregarding consumable parts, solvents, or cleaning agents. The machine is versatile for many materials and has a high-precision 2D scanning method. The marking field standard is 90mmX90mm, extendable up to 450mmX450mm. It's well-suited for food and beverage, pharmaceutical, and electronics industries.

CO2lasermarking machine.jpg

2. SUNINE V600C/V602C/V603C CO2 Laser Coding Machine

The SUNINE V600C/V602C/V603C CO2 Laser Coding Machine is a cutting-edge solution for high-speed marking on diverse substrates. Powered by a sealed metal RF CO2 laser source, it achieves impressive draw and marking speeds of 12000mm/s and 18000mm/s, respectively. Equipped with a 10inch touchscreen controller, a seamlessly integrated motherboard, and the v5 operating system, this product line provides a choice of wavelengths, including 9.3 μm, 10.2 μm, and 10.6 μm. The high-performance

self-development chipset ensures quick processing of complex graphics, making it the ideal choice for precision marking in any production line.

V5 CO2laser1.jpg


Since 2010, SUNINE has led laser marking technology with its innovative CO2 laser marking machines for dairy, beverage, chemical, pharmaceutical, and other sectors. Our high-performance, permanent marking machines are essential for anti-counterfeiting and traceability. ISO 9001:2015 accreditation shows SUNINE's passion for quality management. Our 24x7 customer service and large replacement parts inventory decrease outages and boost efficiency. SUNINE possesses several patents, notably for portable laser markers and autofocus Galvo scanners, which indicates its devotion to innovation and market responsiveness. Elevate your coding experience by choosing SUNINE for precision, reliability, and innovation. Contact us now to revolutionize your marking processes.

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