QR Code make product sales freely!

2017-12-08 14:26

The Internet application is inseparable from automatic identification. Bar codes, QR codes and RFID are more commonly used by people. Compared with one-dimensional codes,QR codes have the characteristics of large data storage and good confidentiality.

The combination of smart phones and other mobile terminals has formed a better interactivity and user experience. And compared with RFID, QR code not

only has prominent cost advantages, but also has better application prospects in terms of user experience and interactivity.

With the popularization of smartphones and tablet computers in the 3G/4G mobile network environment, QR code applications are no longer limited by time, space and hardware devices.

Basic product attributes, pictures, sounds, text, fingerprints and other digital informations can be encoded and bundled, which is suitable for product quality and safety traceability, logistics warehousing, product promotion, business meetings, identity, material document identification, etc. Through the mobile network, timely tracking of material circulation can be realized;

help carry out equipment remote repair and maintenance; product anti-counterfeiting, anti-channeling, and end consumer incentives;

enterprise supply chain process reengineering, etc.,to further improve customer responsiveness, and extend the products and services to end customers.

Manufacturers can also grasp the market dynamic timely, develop more practical products to meet customers needs, and finally achieve production-to-order, which will greatly reduce production costs and operating costs.

With the vigorous development of the domestic Internet of Things industry, more QR code technology application solutions have been developed and applied to the daily life. QR code has become the entrance to the mobile Internet.

Give each product a unique QR code, one code one item, and one code multiple functions.

Each small QR code can integrate multiple functions, can also integrate the QR code marketing big data engine system for background support.

Information online dissemination can be realized through QR code. Users follow the "WeChat Official Account" for detailed information, and spread the

interactive game through the mobile QR code to participate in the interaction! You can also initiate WeChat Moments to share activities.

In addition, there are dozens of QR code functions applied in various scenarios, such as anti-counterfeiting codes, anti-channel codes, traceability codes,

logistics codes, product codes, sign-in codes, advertising codes, research codes, etc. Making intended customer become a fan of the brand.

A small QR code opens a new door for corporate marketing activities, integrates the O2O model into users. It is inseparable from the new laser coding technology.

SUNINE online laser coding printer can perform non-contact high-quality laser coding on fast-moving products. The marking is clear and permanently indelible. On food and beverage products, there are also advantages such as non-toxicity and non-pollution, accurate and flexible for one item one code, etc., which can be safely marked on any part of beverage packaging.

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