Safety issues of Sunine laser equipment

2020-11-03 15:38


For your safety and the safety of the equipment, the device must have proper grounding protection.This device generates heat during operation, so please use it in a well ventilated area.Do not use the device in a closed environment, such as a sealed room without any ventilation equipment.To avoid the risk of fire, electric shock, or equipment damage, do not expose the device to rain, moisture, or splashing water, and ensure that the device is not placed near any liquid containing items.This laser device is not allowed to mark on highly reflective objects, such as mirrors, smooth metals, etc.Do not stare directly (at the emission or reflection) of the laser with the naked eye to prevent eye damage.Avoid direct contact of any part of the body with the laser to prevent skin

burns.Personnel should undergo necessary training and guidance before operating the equipment.When the equipment is not in use, please turn off the

power switch.Carefully read the user manual and use the laser marking machine correctly.If any malfunctions, damages, or personal injuries occur due to the user not following the operating procedures specified in the user manual, the user shall be responsible.

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