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Sunine K630/K632/K633 Kseries CO2 laser date coding machine

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Type CO2
Model K630
Power 30W
Weight 33KG
Wavelength 10.6μm
Operation System Linux
Laser Type Sealed metal RF CO2 laser source
marking field standard:90mmX90mm maxium optional: 450mmX450mm
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Long-Term Operation Stability

  • Sophisticated parts for machine,say no to substandard products

  • Power-on and ready-to-use, zeromaintenance cost

  • Self-developed software ensuresstable performance without any faults

Born For Efficiency

  • Draw line speed up to 12000mm/s

  • Standard and customizedcommunication protocols

  • High performance self-developedsmart chip set can quickly process huge data and complex graphics.


  • Smart touch screen panel

  • System operation is easy to use

  • Support various languages,one-button marking

Capabilityof Integration

  • Light-weightedbody made of high-density materials

  • High-transmittedfused silica field lens ensures high stability

  • Variousworking distances are available to adapt to all kinds of productionenvironments, making production line integration more

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Laser wavelength10.6μm10.2μm9.3μm
Marking methodHigh-precision 2D scanning
Marking speed<=12000mm/s
Operating systemLinux
Cooling systemair cooling
Main controlHighly-integrated motherboard with 10 inch touch screen controller, V5 operation system
Max consumption≤800W
Laser head size731mmX142mmX177mm
InterfacesRS-232C/USB2 0/Ethernet.l/O
Control unit size731mmX142mmX160mm
Bar code/QR codeCODE39/CODE128/code126/QR code/Z-code/DM codeNisual code.etc
LanguageEnglish, Chinese, Spanish, Russian, Korean, Arabian etc.
Marking filedstandard: 90mm*90mm maximum optional :450mm*450mm

10.6µm wavelength getswell absorbed in applications that process materials ranging from thin paper tocardboard packaging. Extremely good print results are also achieved on glassproducts. This wavelength is the most common one available with CO2 lasers and perfectly suits themajority of packaging applications.

10.2µm wavelength isideally suited to marking on thin films and any types of packaging foils. Bestresults can be expected on painted films and foils with a thin ink layer ontop. Packaging materials which absorb this wavelength very well and thereforegenerate the best CO2-Laser print quality are PE, HDPE,LDPE, PP, OPP, OPA, PA, PMMA, POM, PUR, ABS and PVC.

9.3µm wavelength perfectlymatches for the head absorption of plastics like PET (PolyethyleneTerephthalate), allows marking on plastic surfaces by smoothly melting thesurface layer without creating pinholes or cracking the inner structure. Thisis the ideal solution for the

family of polyesters of thermoplastic resins. PETis wide-spreading in the beverage industry and is mostly used for producingbottles.

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Building 6, No. 88, Chunfen Road, Huangpu District, Guangzhou, China


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