Common self-resolvable faults and corresponding solutions for Sunine laser equipment.

2020-11-10 15:32


    • 1. Everything is normal when starting up, but there is no laser output.

      Check if the data cable or laser machine power cable is properly plugged in.

    • 2.Continuous triggering reveals chaotic marking information.

    • The edited information has exceeded the marking range requirements of this machine.

    • It is recommended to reduce the quantity or size of information to ensure it fits within the marking range.

    • 3. An object passes through the sensor, but no marking occurs.

    • Check the sensor by moving an object in front of the sensor head and observe if the indicator light blinks to determine if it is working properly.

    • Also, observe whether the marking counter changes; if there is a change, it indicates that the system is receiving signals from the sensor, confirming that the sensor is functioning properly.

    • 4. After adjusting all marking parameters, there is no significant change in the marking effect.

    • First, check if the focus is correct and if the lens is clean. After ruling out these issues, it may involve internal machine problems, and you can contact the seller.

    • 5. Unable to enter the system after startup or unable to enter the laser marking system after entering the system.

    • (1) If the system is damaged, reinstall the system.

    • (2) If the CPU is loose or damaged, please contact the seller.

    • 6. After marking, the edges compared to the center position show uneven marking depth.

    • You can readjust the focus or increase the laser output power appropriately.

    • 7. The sensor remains lit after sensing the first marked object and does not respond to subsequent marked objects.

    • (1) Issue with the distance between the sensor head and the object.

    • (2) Strong reflection medium on the opposite side of the beam affecting the reception of reflected light.

    • (3) Finally, check if there is static electricity on the sensor and provide appropriate shielding protection if necessary.

    • 8. Retrieve the originally saved document and find that the marking effect is not as clear as before.

    • Check if the focus has changed, if the output power has been modified, and if there is dirt on the lens.

    • 9. Missing marks occur during marking.

    • First, check the sensitivity of the sensor, and then move the sensor closer to the lens to reduce the distance of sensor delay.

    • Ensure that the marking of the previous object is completed before receiving the trigger signal from the sensor.

    • 10. In multi-line marking, the characters are not aligned.

    • The main reason for this phenomenon is that the "drawing speed" in the marking machine does not completely match the actual value, or the speed of the product conveyor belt is not stable. The solution for the latter is to add a synchronous encoder.

    • 11. Uneven marking between characters, appearing wavy.

    • The main reason for this phenomenon may be that the movement direction of the laser machine and the marked object is not perpendicular. Refer to the "adjustment of the

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